Why Noninvasive Ultherapy Is Such a Great Option for Anti Aging


No matter how well we care for our skin, eventually the signs of aging are going to take their toll. Before we know it, tiny wrinkles and fine lines are popping up everywhere, making us look a lot older than we want. Fortunately, getting rid of lines and wrinkles and toning up lax, sagging skin doesn’t mean you have to undergo surgery and weeks of painful recovery. At West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, we can help you turn back the clock on many of the signs of facial aging, and we can do it without surgery, thanks to the state-of-the-art Ultherapy® treatment system. Here’s how it works.

Ultherapy: The power of ultrasound

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy — yes, the same ultrasound energy that’s used for prenatal imaging. In Ultherapy, the levels of energy and the delivery system are different. Instead of creating images of structures underneath your skin, the ultrasound energy is directed into your skin — specifically the structures of your skin that help it stay resilient and firm. The Ultherapy system is so unique, it’s actually the only noninvasive treatment that’s received FDA clearance to lift the skin on both the face and the neck.

Unlike cosmetic fillers that simply “fill in” or plump up lines and wrinkles temporarily, Ultherapy works by promoting collagen development in your skin’s deeper layers. Collagen is a special protein fiber that’s produced in large quantities when we’re younger. These fibers join together to form strong networks that act like a built-in “trampoline” for your skin, helping your skin feel firmer and bounce back so lines and wrinkles are kept at bay.

When we get older though, we produce a lot less collagen, and that means our skin loses a lot of that natural resilience that helps it look more youthful. Gravity, sun damage, stress, and even our genes start to take their toll, and fine lines and wrinkles are suddenly a lot more noticeable.

The Ultherapy experience

Ultherapy works by treating the skin’s deeper “foundational” layer where collagen is produced. During your treatment, Dr. Suri passes the ultrasound device over your skin, adjusting the frequency of the energy to customize your treatment based on your skin type, skin thickness, and other variables. As the energy penetrates your skin, it triggers collagen production in those deeper layers to help skin rebuild itself so it looks and feels firmer and more resilient over time.

Ultherapy treatment takes about an hour for the face and an additional hour for neck treatments, and the treatment is completely painless. Once your treatment is over, you’ll be able to resume your regular activities without any downtime. Since Ultherapy works by helping skin remodel itself, you can expect to see some initial results of your treatment within a few weeks, with the most dramatic results becoming visible within two to three months as new collagen networks form.

The results of Ultherapy are much more natural and subtle compared to a traditional facelift, and because your treatment can be customized for your needs, results are also very consistent and predictable. Plus, because Ultherapy doesn’t cause permanent tissue damage, you can have your treatment repeated to prolong your results for years to come.

Learn how Ultherapy can help you look and feel your best

Spring is just around the corner, and that means now is a great time to start thinking about treatments that can refresh your appearance and help your skin look younger and more vibrant. Starting Ultherapy treatment now means your skin will have plenty of time to build new, healthy collagen so you can look great by the time warm weather arrives. Shed the winter doldrums and make a commitment to looking and feeling more youthful and more confident. Book an appointment online with West Coast Aesthetics and Veins and learn how Ultherapy can help.

Live in the Body You Want With TruSculpt


Unless you’re a supermodel or a professional athlete, there’s a good chance you’re not entirely happy with the way your body looks. Specifically, you’ve probably got at least one or two areas of loose, flabby fat you’d like to get rid of. And even though you’ve tried to get rid of it with diet and exercise, those stubborn pockets of fat just won’t budge. It’s discouraging, yes. Even frustrating. But guess what? Diet and exercise aren’t your only options. At West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, we help clients blast away stubborn fat with TruSculpt, an innovative non-invasive body contouring treatment that doesn’t involve surgery, anesthesia, incisions, or scars.

TruSculpt body contouring: How it works

Unlike some contouring procedures that use laser heat or “cold energy” to melt or freeze fat, TruSculpt uses radiofrequency energy to break down fat cells so they’re gone once and for all. The TruSculpt applicator emits precise wavelengths of radiofrequency energy that’s attracted to fat cells. As the energy is absorbed by the fatty tissue, it works to gently but continuously heat up the cells until the fat cell walls break down, releasing the fatty material they contain. Over the next several weeks following your treatment, your body works to metabolize the fat debris, eventually disposing of it through natural bodily processes.

Because radiofrequency energy is attracted to fat cells, the surrounding tissue remains unaffected and unharmed. Plus, since fat cells in the treatment zone are destroyed, they won’t come back. That means those slimmer, sleeker contours are all yours. Of course, you can still gain weight in other areas, including areas adjacent to the treatment zone. After your treatment, you’ll want to continue to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise so you can keep looking and feeling your best.

Here's what happens during a TruSculpt session

At West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, we work closely with each patient to develop a custom treatment plan aimed at achieving the best results. Depending on the size of the area that’s being treated, most TruSculpt treatment sessions take from 15 minutes to about an hour. During your session, you’ll recline and relax while the TruSculpt handheld applicator is passed over your skin. The applicator will emit very precise amounts of radiofrequency energy across the treatment zone, painlessly breaking up fat cells while leaving the rest of your skin comfortable and unharmed. As the radiofrequency penetrates your skin, you’ll feel waves of warmth very similar to a hot stone massage. The TruSculpt applicator provides a continual stream of information about your treatment so the energy can be modulated to ensure you get the most consistent results.

In addition to breaking down fat cells, the gentle heat of the radiofrequency energy tightens your skin so the entire treatment area looks firmer and more toned and your new contours look smooth and sleek. This gentle heat is an advantage over fat-freezing treatments that can leave the overlying skin loose and lax. 

Since TruSculpt is performed on an outpatient basis, you can leave right afterward and go back to your regular routines. You can expect to see the final results of your treatment in about eight to 12 weeks once your body has metabolized the fatty debris. Although one treatment may be all it takes to help you reach your goals, if you have a larger amount of excess fat you’d like to get rid of, you might need a second treatment to further refine your contours. TruSculpt can get rid of as much as one-fifth of the fat in a single treatment zone, which is a big reason why the treatment is so popular among both women and men. 

Get your best body with TruSculpt

Why “wish” for the body you want when you can have it with TruSculpt treatment at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins? Schedule an appointment today and you can get rid of stubborn pockets of flabby fat before those first rays of summer start shining down. Ready to get started? Book an appointment online today.

How the Xeo Laser Can Rejuvenate Your Skin This Year


There was a time not all that long ago when having a more beautiful complexion and more youthful-looking skin meant undergoing an invasive procedure like facelift surgery or painful dermabrasion. But advances in science and technology have changed all that, and today, many women and men are opting for laser treatments to help them “turn back the hands of time” so they can enjoy skin that looks and feels younger and healthier.

At West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, we offer xeo® Laser skin rejuvenation, an all-in-one laser system that can treat multiple issues in a single session. The xeo system uses patented technology that enables Dr. Suri to “switch” from one treatment option to another, helping patients get the treatment they need in less time and with better results. That means that instead of undergoing multiple treatments with different systems — and waiting weeks or even months between those different treatments — you can have all your concerns treated at the same time, using the same system. 

Light and lasers

Xeo uses both intense light and laser energies to penetrate skin, addressing aging issues and other concerns at the deeper layers of skin where most damage occurs.

The system offers three separate technologies rolled into one:

  • xeo’s Laser Genesis® reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gets rid of diffuse redness and other uneven skin tones

  • Limelight® works on veins and pigmented areas and lesions

  • Titan® technology focuses on providing deep heat energy necessary for skin rejuvenation and natural collagen formation

The use of both lasers and intense light enables the xeo system to address a wide range of problems, like wrinkles, scars, and unsightly veins, all with just one device.

Unlike “ablative” treatments that remove the upper layers of skin, the xeo system triggers healing from inside so your recovery is faster and you won’t have the weeks of peeling and discomfort that can occur with invasive procedures. Instead, the penetrating light and laser energy stimulate natural healing processes that help skin renew itself more quickly and promote the development of new collagen fibers, one of skin’s “building blocks” that help skin stay resilient and firm.

With the xeo laser system, Dr. Suri can treat an array of issues, including:

  • wrinkles and fine lines

  • acne scars and other superficial scars

  • hyperpigmentation and redness, including the redness associated with rosacea and sun damage

  • age spots and sun spots

  • skin tags (small overgrowths of skin)

  • noticeable facial veins, including veins on the cheeks and around the nose

  • uneven skin texture

  • unwanted hair growth

  • warts

Plus, the heat generated by xeo treatments can help tighten skin so it feels more toned and younger. And because xeo’s technology helps promote collagen development beneath the skin, you’ll continue to see results for weeks and even months afterward.

During and after your xeo treatment session

Treatment with the xeo system is comfortable. Most patients report they feel nothing more than a warming sensation as the laser and light energy penetrates their skin. The length of your treatment session will depend on how many areas you’re having treated. Dr. Suri will work with you to develop the treatment plan that’s just right for helping you achieve your goals. Because xeo works by helping your skin heal itself, most patients benefit from a series of four to six treatments spaced out over several weeks to provide the skin with the continuing support it needs to develop new collagen and heal existing damage.

After your treatment, your skin might be a little red, but that will subside within a day or so. Depending on what issues you’re having treated, some results may be visible shortly after your treatment, while others (like tone and texture improvement and reduction of wrinkles and lines) will appear over time as your skin builds new collagen networks.

Find out if xeo is right for you

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to look and feel your best in 2019, xeo laser treatments at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins could be just what you need to tackle that goal and cross it off your list. The xeo system is completely customizable, so it’s a good option for all skin types. To learn more about xeo laser treatments and how they can help you achieve your goals,

Reduce the Signs of Aging with Ultherapy®


Getting older is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit still and accept all the changes aging can cause — especially when it comes to our skin. Having a facelift is one way to combat age-related changes. But facelift surgery is costly and invasive, and there’s a long recovery period afterward. Plus, since facelifts involve pulling, moving and re-adhering the underlying tissues of the face, the results you get can be inconsistent (and often a lot different from what you were expecting — or hoping for).

At West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, we help patients achieve a more youthful look with Ultherapy®, a noninvasive treatment that uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the body’s natural responses so skin looks and feels firmer and more resilient. Ultherapy is so advanced, it’s the only noninvasive treatment that’s been FDA-cleared to lift the skin on the face and neck, which means it doesn’t just “mask” wrinkles and lines, it actually helps lift the tissue underneath your skin’s surface, similar to the effects of a surgical procedure. Here’s how it could help you.

How it works

Ultherapy uses a special patented system to deliver powerful ultrasound energy safely to the deeper layers of your skin. You probably know ultrasound for its use in diagnostic imaging, especially for soft-tissue imaging and imaging during pregnancy. In Ultherapy, that energy is used in a different way, penetrating skin tissue to stimulate the natural production of collagen, one of the building blocks of healthy, youthful skin.

When we’re young, our skin produces lots of collagen fibers. These tiny fibers form a supportive network that keeps our skin from sagging, and it also helps skin feel more resilient. Collagen is a major reason why young skin doesn’t form lines and wrinkles. But as we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen. That means skin isn’t able to “fight back” against the effects of gravity and other factors that cause skin to age and droop. By promoting collagen development, Ultherapy helps return skin to its more youthful state, so your skin actually works to lift, tone and tighten itself without invasive surgery.

Ultherapy treatment: What to expect

Ultherapy works in skin’s”foundational” layer — the same deep layer of tissue that’s targeted during invasive surgical procedures. During your Ultherapy treatment, you’ll recline comfortably while Dr. Suri passes the Ultherapy handpiece over your skin. Dr. Suri uses the handpiece to control the amount of ultrasound energy that’s being delivered and also to control the depth of penetration.

Ultherapy treatment is very comfortable, and there’s no need for needles or numbing creams. Most face and neck treatments take from an hour to 90 minutes, and the chest area takes about a half hour to treat.

Recovery and results

Since Ultherapy is completely noninvasive, there’s no real “recovery” period and no downtime. You’ll be able to return to your regular routines right after your treatment. While you may see some initial results within a few weeks, most patients notice the results of their treatment beginning at two to three months afterward. That's about how long it takes for the body to begin ramping up its production of collagen, so you skin looks and feels firmer and smoother.

While the results of Ultherapy treatment aren't as dramatic as a surgical facelift, many patients find the natural results of Ultherapy provide them with the "look" they want, and treatments can also be used to prolong the results of other types of facial rejuvenation treatments. Results of Ultherapy last for several months, and re-treatments with Ultherapy are completely safe so you can prolong your results.

Learn how Ultherapy can help your skin

Dr. Rajesh Suri is skilled in Ultherapy treatments, helping patients at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins restore a more youthful appearance to the face, neck and even the upper chest (your dècolletage area). If you’d like to learn how Ultherapy could help you look younger and more refreshed — without the expense, pain, downtime or surgery