Banish Spider Veins With Laser Therapy

Those thread-like veins that tend to spread like a spider’s web on your skin are usually physically harmless, but they can certainly impact your confidence and emotional well-being. Worse, they seem to always appear in areas where they’re difficult to hide, such as on your legs or face.

Treatments such as sclerotherapy, which has been around for centuries, work about 60-80% of the time, but needles are required. Each vein is injected with a caustic substance that causes it to eventually collapse and die.

More recently, surface lasers or intense pulsed light therapy showed great promise for collapsing these tiny veins. But results with early systems were often disappointing, and the therapy had potential side effects like painful, blistery burns.   

Then along came the excel V® laser system from Cutera. Designed with patient safety and comfort in mind, as well as effective results, this innovative new system provides Dr. Suri and his team at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins the technology necessary to banish spider veins for good—without a single needle.

Read on to see what else this talented and well-respected physician has to say about spider veins, laser therapy, and why he prefers excel V for his patients.

What are spider veins?

Also known as telangiectasias, visible spider veins are tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin that usually appear over time. They can be red, blue, or purple and often group together in clusters.

What causes spider veins?

Science is not exactly sure what causes spider veins, but several factors seem to increase your risk of developing them, including:

An occupation that requires prolonged periods of sitting or standing, which increases pressure on the vessels in your legs, may also put you at higher risk for developing spider veins.  

How does laser therapy treat spider veins?

Because spider veins are not necessary for healthy blood circulation, treatments focus on damaging the veins to the extent that they collapse. This restricts blood flow to the vein, effectively sealing it shut so that it dies and fades away. The energy produced by a laser can heat the spider veins to a temperature that causes them to collapse.

What’s different about the excel V laser system?

As a medical aesthetics and vein therapy specialist, I’m dedicated to providing my patients safe, medically-sound treatments that offer the cosmetic results they desire.

The excel V system combines high-performance dual wavelengths (532/1064) with long-pulsed Nd:YAG technology. For our patients at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins, that means very fast and truly effective treatment results for spider veins.

It’s safe for all skin types and provides continuous surface cooling before, during, and after each pulse of the laser. This helps prevent damage to the surrounding skin and gives you a high level of comfort and safety during the treatment. You may feel a very slight stinging sensation during the session, but many of our patients report zero discomfort.

We also use this impressive laser system to effectively treat rosacea and pigment changes such as diffuse redness, remove sunspots and freckles, and eliminate shallow scarring due to conditions such as acne.

Schedule your appointment today at West Coast Aesthetics and Veins for an evaluation and to hear more about laser therapy to banish spider veins and other problematic skin conditions we’re here to treat.

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